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Our passion and expertise are in the testing and repair of backflow prevention assemblies.

Backflow prevention is a critical and integral part of drinking water purity. State and local jurisdictions have been increasing the requirements for backflow prevention needs and we have been adapting and growing to suit yours. With this growing need and interest, it is natural for questions to arise, like

what exactly is backflow prevention and why do I need it?

A backflow assembly’s purpose is to prevent water from flowing backward, hence the name. There are a handful of backflow assembly types, but they all work in a similar fashion. Each assembly will have some form of one-way valve which will open to allow water to move forward into your home or piece of equipment and close when water tries to move backward. This process protects the water that you and your neighbors drink from contaminants and impurities such as lead, mercury or calcium that may find their way into home and commercial heating systems, irrigation systems and other systems dependent on public water supply.

What do we do?

Along with these assemblies come maintenance and repairs. That's what we're here for. Assemblies in our state need to be inspected to specific standards annually. We will test your assembly, report the findings for you and are always ready to make quick adjustments as necessary to correct any problems, should they arise. In the event a total repair or replacement is needed, we will first inform you of why and allow you to make the decision that is best for you.

We are a local family who has grown up in this area. We understand the inconvenience these jobs can place on each of us and are simply happy to help in any way we can, always with integrity, honesty, and quality work.

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